The MeStream Proxy

ThemeStream is an online "personal interest" site. It works on a self-publishing model; authors may post articles freely in a wide variety of categories. Unfortunately, its reader-based rating system is not particularly reliable, nor is it customizable. The MeStream Proxy allows users to customize how they view ThemeStream and rate ThemeStream content.

MeStream Features

Author preferences

You can mark authors that you prefer to read (and those you prefer to avoid), which causes their articles to be highlighted.
The "Author Info" page offers a choice of colors: red, yellow (the default), and green. Clicking on a star sets the reader's preference for that author.
Article lists now change the color of article ratings based on the author.

Color preferences

Change the color scheme of ThemeStream graphics from the original yellow-and-orange to something you might like better. The CVS version has "blue" only, but version 0.2 will have a fully configurable version.

Downloading and Installing MeStream

The MeStream Proxy uses WBI, a proxy tool written by IBM. The WBI development kit, which is necessary to run MeStream, can be downloaded from alphaworks. (You will need Java installed in order to run WBI.) You should configure your web browser to use WBI as a proxy; the WBI documentation has information on how to do this.

After you have installed WBI, install the MeStream code in the same directory. Finally, register the MeStream plugin with WBI, using the file net/sourceforge/mestream/mestream.reg, and you should be all set!

Project Information

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